Wednesday 30 January 2013

Resolutions and Bits of Poems

I am doing well with my new year's resolutions. I have sent some work out - not much - but some. I have been doing my morning pages most days and I have started a visual diary too. I started the visual diary for two reasons: 1) I miss making art, and 2) I want to see if it enhances my writing. More creative stuff has got to be good right? I have also been trying to put whole days aside to work on my poetry, although I think it would be useful if someone confiscated my broadband modem on those days!

Today I had the bright idea of writing a small poem about writing every day and posting it on my blog - well realistically it won't be every day, but a girl can try...

Here is today's effort:

Memory fragments -
the way smells can take you back
and fill your head with words.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Creative Block

I once read an article that claimed that there was no such thing as creative block. At the time I wasn't sure how I felt about what the author was saying - I certainly experience times where I am less creative. Often these times correlate with other stuff that is going on in my life - I might be stressed, busy with work or preoccupied with something with that take up all my creative energy. I also have times of extended procrastination - sometimes I think that during these times my brain is working silently away on something. Before Christmas for instance I was thinking a lot about the order of my collection, it took up a large amount of my creative energy until I came up with a new order. Now I know that I need to re-order it again, and what is more I also need to produce some new work - but since I was ill over Christmas my creative juices seem to have dried up.  I have experienced these creative deserts before - sometimes even reading favourite or new authors isn't enough to inspire me. I know it will pass - the worrying thing is that I have a deadline to work to. I find myself longing for another writing retreat in Wells...


111) Maybe This Time - Alois Hotschning (fiction)
110) Search Procedures - Erin Moure (poetry)
109) Carrying My Wife - Moniza Alvi (poetry, re-read)
108) The Storm House - Tim Liardet (poetry, re-read)
107) The Bridle _ Meryl Pugh (poetry)
106) Stag's Leap - Sharon Olds (poetry)
105) Swimming Home - Deborah Levy (fiction)
104) Open Door - Oscar Guardiola-Rivera (fiction)
103) Portrait of My Lover as a Horse - Selima Hill (poetry)
102) The BBC International Short Story Competition 2012 (fiction, short stories)
101) Cosmic Ordering for Beginners - Barbel Mohr and Clemens Maria Mohr (non fiction)
100) Unleash Your Creativity - : Secrets of Creative Genius (52 Brilliant Ideas) - Rob Bevan and Tim Wright (non fiction)
99) Spider Bones - Kathy Reichs (fiction)
98) Little Gods - Jacob Polley (poetry)
97) Burying the Wren - Deryn Rees-Jones (poetry)
96) Stone in a Landslide - Maria Barbel (fiction)
95) Beside the Sea - Veronique Olmi (fiction)
94) The Beautiful Indifference - Sarah Hall (fiction, short stories)
93) Pelt - Sarah Jackson (poetry)
92) Nameless Earth - Robert Gray (poetry)
91) Swift - Jennie Feldman (poetry)
90) The Book of Blood - Vicki Feaver (poetry)
89) A Little Book of Meat - Selima Hil (poetry)
88) Lunar Moths - Jo Haslam (poetry)
87) 81 Austerities - Sam Riviere (poetry)
86) The Polish Boxer - Eduardo Halfon (fiction)
85) Recyclopedia: Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse & Drudge - Harryette Mullen (poetry)
84) These Days - Leontia Flynn (poetry)
83) Tender Buttons - Gertrude Stein (prose/poetry)
82) Cobweb Walking - Sara Banerji (fiction)
81) Arguing with Malarchy - Carola Luther (poetry)
80) Clueless Dogs - Rhian Edwards (poetry)
79) Grace - Esther Morgan (poetry)
78) The Underground Man - Mick Jackson (fiction)
77) Wild Abandon - Joe Dunthorne (fiction)
76) Profit and Loss - Leontia Flynn (poetry)
75) Fall - Amy Newman (poetry)
74) For the Good of the Earth and Sun Teaching Poetry - Georgia Heard (non fiction)
73) Misadventure - Richard Meier (poetry)
72) That Awkward Age - Roger McGough (poetry)
71) A Light Song of Light - Kei Miller (poetry)
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69) 26a - Diana Evans (fiction)
68) Maggot - Paul Muldoon (poetry)
67) The Wasteland and Other Poems - T.S. Eliot (poetry - re-read)
66) Ramshackle - Elizabeth Reeder (fiction)
65) The Opposite of Falling - Jennie Rooney (fiction)
64) Occupation - Angela France (poetry)
63) Down the Rabbit Hole -Juan Pablo Villalobos (fiction)
62) Jack Straw's Castle - Thom Gunn (poetry)
61) Salt Rain - Sarah Armstrong (fiction)
60) Jo Shapcott - Tender Taxes (poetry)
59) Jo Shapcott - Phrase Book (poetry)
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38) Carrying My Wife - Moniza Alvi (poetry)
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35) Selected Poems - Elizabeth Jennings (poetry)
34) The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins (fiction)
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32) 206 Bones - Kathy Reichs (fiction)
31) A Smell of Fish - Matthew Sweeny (poetry)
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27) This Line is not for Turning: An Anthology of Contemporary British Prose Poetry - edited by Jane Monson (poetry)
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13) Wordsmithery: The Writer's Craft and Practice - Edited by Jayne Steel (non-fiction)
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4) Birthday Letters - Ted Hughes (poetry - re-read)
3) Birmingham River - Roy Fisher (poetry)
2) Standard Midland - Roy Fisher (poetry)
1) Salt - Jeremy Page (fiction