Monday, 23 June 2008

Recycling Day

This is part of a poem that I collaged onto boxes that had been put out for recycling. To use the whole poem seemed too much, it would have made the image too busy. I tried the image in black and white but actually I think that I like the slightly cropped colour version better. I was trying to write in response to the situation so that the poem related more to the context in which it was placed whilst (hopefully) standing up as a poem in its own right. I still feeel that the text is somehow seperate to the background and I am wondering if I should try writing on objects and leaving them ouside for a few days to weather them.


keda said...

hi i just hit 'next blog' for the first time in months and was amazed to find you...

i love this recycling poem. and i like the idea of writing on it and allowing it to become weathered even more i think.

this afternoon my kids and i made a present for my mum (their gran), and just after we finished i sat down at my blog and found you. strange coincidence ;)

keda said...

duh... what i meant to say was:


not quite the same of course but most of my work combines words and visuals too. i just found it interesting ;)

Julia said...

thanks Keda I will check out your photos.